Apr 11

the news feed emails me “10 things to know this morning”. so every time that this phrase appears in the news feed, i will have the article emailed to me.

Apr 02


everytime the page is refreshed, a different, but equally unsettling, picture appears

Mar 14

subscriptions in google reader

1. baking obsession

2. beauty tips, product reviews, and news from total beauty

3. lolcats and funny pictures of cats

4. new quotes images on photobucket

5. cbs news podcast page- cbs news

Mar 07

Mad Libs: This game uses a condition, where whatever is typed into the box is incorporated into the story

Donut Game: This game works by using a statement because when you press the arrow keys, then the character moves

Scratch: This game uses a loop that allows for the cats to continuously be running across the screen


Feb 28


Feb 14


Feb 02

out of proportion!

out of proportion!

Jan 29

weirdest thing i found on the internet..this week

some of the worst advice ive ever heard